Glory Glory Hallelujah

Lately I’ve been humming the melody to “Glory Glory Hallelujah.” I say the melody because the words I’ve been mumbling are actually “Glory Glory Man. United,”* A take off of the popular song replaced with the name of the world’s most known soccer team. (people not from the US or Australia can replace “soccer team” […]

Like Butter Play Toast…

It’s not news that we are in the “Me” era.  We all have the option to only pay attention to the very specific things that interest us. So a pet enthusiast can surf the web for all things animal then tune into the Animal Channel and maybe peruse Pinterest and pin some cute cat pictures […]

Spin Off

I have a laundry room in my condo but I still boogie down to my local laundry mat from time to time. This may be inconceivable for some but I’d rather schlep  and pay more than wait even 1 rinse cycle for a machine. Plus, this laundry mat is in a fairly pristine part of […]

I Can’t Complain

Perspective is like a Nissan Sentra. When you’re not looking for it you may not see it.  But spend a day trying to spy Nissan Sentras and you’ll be shocked by how many are on the road. Not sure if you came here looking for perspective but consider this post a four way stop sign […]

Ring And Things

I had an invigorating workout at one of the many LA Fitness establishments I’ve been known to frequent. I really don’t frequent any particular one. I share the wealth depending on where the wind takes me. Today it was lovely East Pasadena. I did the scientific 7 minute workout. Don’t worry I didn’t burn gas, […]

Simply The Best?

Whilst traversing the lovely city that is Toronto, I noticed a pizza chain called “Boston Pizza.”  It’s a Canadian chain with several locations in the states. The reason I imagine they have only several US locales is because in the states Boston isn’t known for it’s pizza. Does Canada not know? Did a Bostonian take […]

Time Keeps on Slipping

So I hopped a bus at the Toronto airport. When a city goes through the trouble of providing hassle free public transportation to and from the airport, I oblige them. It’s a great way to get a feel for a city. It’s also a good way to shake the tourist smell off you. You travel […]

Ninja Please

I was actually the first person I ever heard say “Ninja Please.” I know many have since and maybe I wasn’t “thee” first but I was the first “I” heard. I used the term back in the nineties when you was all, “what’s email?”, “page me.” And I was all “How much does that cost?” […]

Consider Irateness

I went to a commercial audition today in my pajamas.  For the record, I don’t condone leaving the house in your PJs.  I also can’t cosign on showing up at any hotel’s continental breakfast in your “jams.”  I mean, even sweatpants are barely acceptable, barely.  No one is asking you to doll up just to […]

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