Try the Veal

      Somewhere along the line in Stand-up Comedy, someone did a joke that required a rim shot but there was no drummer present.  So instead of giving the drummer some that comedian said “try the veal,” and a staple was born.  I’ve said it dozens of times.  Heard it said hundreds of times […]

Disappearing Act

I’m a professional Stand-up Comic.  Which means I’m in the business of making people laugh.  What it really means is I work in Food and Beverage.  I have a gut feeling that we all work in Food and Beverage in some way but I’m not prepared to build that argument up.  For my profession it’s […]

Strike A Pose Brutha Man

  My shows in India are going well (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself say.)  Where I’m from people don’t brave Indian food much less troop over to Bangalore.  I owe it all to stand-up comedy and the Brits, of course, for making sure the entire world spoke English.  Throw in some […]

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